Is your vehicle suffering from mechanical breakdown? Would it cost too much to repair? Don't spend money on a car, truck, van or SUV that would cost more to repair than it is worth. You are better off putting that money toward a newer vehicle!

It happens very often. when a vehicle reaches a certain age, things start to go wrong. Sometimes the problems are small and relatively inexpensive to repair (like brake replacement, water pump failure, etc.) and sometimes they are very expensive to repair (like engine problems, transmission problems, etc.). Don't spend the money! Sell your mechanically troubled vehicle to Car Tech! Make your headache disappear by calling Car Tech today!

Car-Tech is ready to send a tow truck to transport your vehicle from your home, repair facility, parking lot at work. wherever. and we'll tow it for FREE! We can tow your vehicle in 1 or 2 business days so a repair facility owner will be happy you will remove your vehicle quickly. You'll be happy too! Problem solved, quickly and easily.

Many auto dealers will not give you a high trade-in value if your vehicle has mechanical problems, body damage or is in poor condition. In fact, most dealers really do not want vehicles that are more than 7-8 years old and/or have more than 100,000 miles. Many people will not buy vehicles with more than 100,000 miles so it is difficult to sell high mileage cars and trucks. Car Tech will buy it! Save yourself the hassle of haggling with dealers, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars repairing an old car, truck or van. Call Car-Tech and make money, hassle free with a FREE tow!!!

When selling your vehicle privately, here is what can happen:

Now what? Call Car-Tech! We'll make you an offer, honor that offer for 1 week and be ready to close the deal whenever you are. If your vehicle runs and drives, bring it to us and we'll be able to offer you $50-$100 more for the vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't drive or the registration and insurance have expired, call us and we'll tow it at no charge to you! Call Car-Tech. It may be the easiest thing you can do to solve the problem of selling your vehicle.

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