If you have a junk vehicle, it can be a real burden. Often, you can't find anyone to take it off your hands without actually having to pay to tow it away. At Car-Tech, we buy junk cars every day. We not only help you get rid of your burden, we put money in your pocket too.

Many people end up with junk vehicles after an accident and don't know what to do with them. It is better to offer these junk cars for sale than to let them sit on your property for too long. Not only are they an eyesore (which in some communities can result in a ticket even if it is on your private property) they can also be dangerous. You don't need broken glass or rusting metal in your yard or driveway.

Get rid of that liability by calling Car-Tech and sell your car for cash to us today. Our professionals will quote you a fair price, arrange for a tow truck to come pick up your car and relieve you of the responsibility in one or two business days. We will not try shift our offer or renegotiate when we arrive to pick up your vehicle either. We will make you a realistic offer and stick to it.

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Junk Cars for Sale

There are many reasons people end up with a junk car. Sometimes they were in an accident or a costly major repair is required. At Car-Tech, we buy junk cars and let people be rid of the burden of a useless vehicle. Do not continue to pay registration and licensing fees or insurance on a car that you can't even drive. Call Car-Tech and get a price quote today.

In addition to taking junk cars for sale, we can arrange for a vehicle donation. We help many charities in the New Jersey area by accepting cars for auction. You can select the charity from our list of good causes and notify us. Car-Tech will send out a tow truck to remove the vehicle and we will send you a receipt detailing the sale price at auction for your taxes.